Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/12 Hello from The Steps, a free camping area in the desert 13 miles south of Lake Havasu City, AZ. It is called The Steps because a lot of it has been terraced, as if level homesites were being carved out of this fairly mountainous area. The Colorado River is right across the road, and we can see it from our rig. There are 4 rigs of RoVing Rods friends parked near us, and about 6 rigs of Boomers up the hill from us. More will be showing up soon because the Winterblast starts Thursday. This is a big fireworks display at Sara Park, in Lake Havasu City, and it lasts 4 days. The weather has been warm here since we arrived and we have even been wearing shorts and tee shirts. The other day we walked up the road to a spot overlooking our site and took this picture:

On our way here from Phoenix, we stopped overnight at the Blue Water Casino in Parker, AZ. It is difficult to get level in their parking lot,but we managed, and enjoyed a walk right along the side of the Colorado River:

As you know from a previous post, we spent over a week in Phoenix so we could get our inverter repaired. After it was done, we stayed there to make sure it was working correctly. While we were staying there, we had many shared meals and walks with Marie von Minden and her little dog, Kristi. They were also parked with us at the Lone Butte Casino in Chandler.

One day we went to visit our friends Ed & Janet Lubbick, from Victoria, BC. We met them on our Around the Horn cruise in 2009 and have managed to get together with them periodically in AZ. They have now purchased a new home in Leisure World in Mesa, which wasn't in such good shape when they acquired it, but is gorgeous now that they have fixed it up. After a tour of the grounds there, we are very impressed with the amenities available for the residents. Most residents are retired, so they have plenty of time for woodworking, exercising, golf, crafts, etc. and there are lots of workshops and studios for every interest. Here are Ed & Janet in front of their new home:

On our drive from Phoenix to The Steps, we tried to use our inverter while driving and it went whacko. So we reset it when we arrived and it is working fine while we are parked. This means that we will have to go back to Phoenix to have it checked by the repair guy again. There is only a 90 day warranty, so we are glad we are still in this area to make sure all is well before we leave. Then we will head for Tucson, and a visit with Elaine's Aunt Marion and her sister, Penny.
Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!!!!

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