Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hey Blog Readers, We have been camped in the desert outside of Quartzsite, AZ for several weeks with the Boomers. Things are winding down here, and most rigs will be gone by Sunday or Monday. Our cruise friends, David & Diane Wilson, came and parked in front of us for 10 days so we showed them around. They have now joined Escapees and Boomers, and they are a welcome addition. Other friends have stopped by for a day or two as well. There have been many activities, some of which we have enjoyed, and some that we missed because we were doing other things with other groups such as Park Sierra friends, and RoVing Rods. I have taken a few pictures and am planning to share them with you but loading them will take forever while we are still camped here because the signal isn't really good.
Sunday or Monday we have to drive back to Phoenix area to get our inverter/charger repaired. Tom Vineski, a Boomer friend who used to do solar installations and who is a very knowledgeable RV guy, helped us troubleshoot it yesterday and also talked to the Xantrex guy on the phone. It looks like we need a new mother board. Damn. So we will be in Phoenix next week and I will do a complete Quartzsite report with pictures at that time.
Today is Elaine's 65th birthday and we will be having a Happy Hour party at our campsite. If you read this today (1/28/12) and are in the area, please come! Party reports and pictures will be in the next post from Phoenix.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Happy Birthday to our good buddy Elaine! WooHooooooo . . . a big one! Can't wait to see pictures of your Quartzsite adventures

TravelingGrammy said...

Happy Belated birthday Elaine! Miss you guys...will you be back in time for the pyrotechnic show?