Saturday, December 03, 2011

12/3/11 We are now sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Houston so I will try to post some pictures from our Holy Land cruise and the transatlantic. If you want the information about these places, you will have to scroll through the previous posts.
One of the beautiful views from the Isle of Capri, near Naples, Italy:

One of the more unique and interesting places in Capri was this perfume factory and shop:

Elaine and the view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives:

Graves on the Mount of Olives, a prime (and expensive) place to be buried:

Olive trees in the Garden of Gesthemane:

Front of the church built in the Garden of Gesthemane:

Oscar Shindler's grave:

Street cart selling Jerusalem bagels:

Walls and one of the gates of the old city of Jerusalem:

Narrow streets in Old Jerusalem:

Inside of the church that was built over the rock and tomb where Jesus was laid after his crucifixion:

One of the mosaics in that church:

One of the little shops along the Via Dolorosa in Old Jerusalem:

Snacks for sale in the narrow street of Via Dolorosa:

Men playing board games near the shops in Old Jerusalem:

Jewish man in traditional garb in Jerusalem:

Women at the wailing (or Western) wall in the women only section:

Man in fancy fur hat, a form of traditional garb for wealthy Jews:

Sign when we went to Bethlehem, which is in Palestine:

Graffiti on the wall separating Palestine from Israel:

View of Haifa from the top of the Baha'i gardens:

Closeup of part of the immaculate Baha'i Gardens in Haifa:

Church of the Immaculate Conception built over the ancient town of Nazareth:

One of the mosaics of Mary and baby Jesus sent from Thailand:

Back view of the church:

Ruins of the town of Nazareth located under the church:

They grow and eat a lot of pomegranates here:

First view of the Sea of Galilee with the Golan Heights towering over it:

Baptismal site on the Jordan River:

They even grow bananas in Israel:

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