Monday, January 03, 2011

1/3/11 Happy New Year Everybody! It has already been a good year and we hope it continues for us and all of you too. We attended the New Year's Eve celebration in the clubhouse here at Park Sierra. There was finger food which was brought by everyone, and a band which played a variety of music for listening and dancing. We shared a table with our good friends Glenda & Elleen, Ken & Carolyn, and Polly & Ernie. This being the home park of lots of fairly elderly people who often go to bed early, the event took place between 6 and 9. We were still getting used to this new time zone, so we were happy with this arrangement.
Today we returned from taking our RV to Manteca Trailer to have the bedroom slideout repaired. It was making loud screeching noises every time we opened or closed it, and underneath the outside part we were getting some scratches. We drove up there yesterday, in the rain, and got set up on their lot so we could have an early morning appointment today. We had fears that they would have to take the whole thing off to fix it, but they were able to adjust it and lube it from the inside and now it works well. They charge $132 per hour for labor (Yikes) but it only took an hour and minimal parts. Now we just have to leave our RV parked here at Park Sierra while we are cruising with our kids next week, and when the cooling unit for the fridge arrives, it will be installed. Then we can drive down to AZ for the last two weeks of January and attend the Boomer gathering at Quartzsite.
Yes, the long-awaited family cruise will be starting next Sunday. Elaine and I will drive down in our car on Saturday and stay overnight at a motel near the port where we can also leave our cars during the week we will be gone. Darran and Marielle will be bringing Laura and Paige with them from San Diego because they are flying in the night before. Tarra and Alonzo will fly into LAX Sunday morning. Now we just have to hope that the weather cooperates! Our next blog post will probably be a report about this event.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Gosh, this is going to be so much fun for whole family to cruise together. I know they will get the bug and join you when they can in the future too! Have a great time, bon voyage!

TravelingGrammy said...

I remember my cruise with my girls...same itinerary, different ship. It was one of the best cruises ever! Have a great time-although I know you will!