Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello Blog Readers from the island of St. Kitts. Today was the 3rd day of this 11 day cruise on the Celebrity Millennium. The cruise started in San Juan, which was a most delightful place. Too bad getting off the Adventure of the Seas on Sunday morning was so difficult due to delays by immigration. It used up some of our sightseeing time there. We did manage to make it down to Old San Juan and enjoyed it immensely. Next time we will stay longer because we can see that we could have such fun exploring more of the island. Monday afternoon we boarded this ship and by Tuesday we were docked in St. Croix. We did some walking around in town and a little beach combing, then worked out in the gym on the ship. Today we did the same here in St. Kitts. The last time we were here we hired a taxi and explored the whole island, so didn't need to do much today. The weather has been sunny and about 80 degrees, so we are having a very tropical experience. In a few minutes we are attending a special Elegant Tea, for Elite members here on board. They have been treating us well, the food is really abundant and delicious, and we are enjoying everything.

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