Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hooray - we are in Barcelona and will be boarding the Adventure of the Seas today for a 14 day transatlantic cruise that ends in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Dec. 12. Yesterday we had a nice sunny, yet crisp day wandering around this fascinating city. This time we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and discovered that it is a very nice and reasonably priced hotel which is located within 1 block of a small shopping and restaurant area reminiscent of the El Born area we so enjoyed last April when we stayed in an apartment there. There is a metro stop 2 blocks away so it is easy to get just about anywhere fairly quickly. And they have a GREAT breakfast!
Yes, I know that I haven't finished with the India travelogues. While we are on the ship, and have limited internet access, I will finish writing them and post them as I have available internet. There are about 5 port days in the first 6 days on the ship, so perhaps I won't catch up as soon as I think!
Now that we are away from India and eating food we are used to, we are recovered from the various digestive system problems we were having. There is a 4 hour time difference between India and here, so we have been waking up at 4AM. It will only get worse as we travel towards the US and get more hours back. Don't know how we are going to stay up as late as we need to on the ship so we can enjoy the live entertainment each night. Perhaps some naps are in order...
More later from our first port, which is Toulon, FRance, a place we have never been before.

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