Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/10/10 I am sitting in the waiting room at Kaiser, waiting for Elaine to come out of surgery for her left hand. She has something called Dupuytens Contracture which causes the tendons in her palm to knot up and pull her fingers into a claw shape. Her surgeon is the hand specialist here who did my carpal tunnel surgery 11 days ago. I am healing well and was able to drive the car today in order to get her here, and eventually home again. Her recovery will take longer than mine, and I will make sure she is well taken care of. She was certainly a good nurse for me, although I didn't need too much help after the first few days.
So our time has been spent doing chores around the RV, socializing with our Park Sierra neighbors, and trying to catch up on some trip planning. Not much excitement to report in this blog. Since we have never been at Park Sierra during the summer before (it is always too HOT), we were unaware of all the new wildlife that emerges at this time. There are hundreds of new little quail running around in the early morning and evenings and lots of bunnies with their little white cottontails. They blend in so well in the mottled brown leaves that they are hard to see if they don't move or show off their tails. On one of our walks we saw a mother deer with her adolescent. There are tons of pesky woodpeckers which try to shove acorns in every available place, and who even peck on our RV!! There have only been a couple of days in the hundreds, so it hasn't even been too hot.
Once Elaine is released by her doctor, we will have to deal with a vacant rental in Woodland, CA. Then we will head for the Oregon coast looking for some coolness and hopefully, some crab.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

A big hug to you both while you're recuperating and caring for each other. Maybe we'll see you on the coast for some crabbing!