Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/17/09 Thanks for your patience, Loyal Blog Readers, as I have been trying to find time to update this ever since we got back from our cruises late last Sunday. Between getting the RV set up again, restocking with food, doing laundry, and social obligations, there has not been much internet time! I haven't even downloaded all the pictures we took while we were cruising and exploring in the ports! So as soon as we have a little downtime, I promise I will do a better job of updating this and putting some pictures on.
I did want to let you all know that we got back safely and are both well - just a little fatter than when we left... When we arrived back at the SKP Park in Bushnell, we learned that there were 5 RV couples there who are old friends, and we just had to squeeze in some social time with them, before heading south again. I will give more details about this in the next post. Right now we are driving south on I-75 to go back to Punta Gorda to see Bob & Nancy Colbert again, and pick up our generator, which Bob very kindly repaired for us.
More info in a few days.

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