Sunday, March 01, 2009

3/1/09 Today I added more pictures to the post below this one which I started yesterday. So if you looked at it between Saturday night at 10PM and Sunday at noon, you missed half the pictures that are there now. In this post I am going to put a few pictures of the people that were on the ship with us, and who either started out as good friends, such as the Park Sierra friends, or who became good friends through the 46 days we were together. Hopefully, we will someday be on another cruise with some of these friends. On an unhappy note, the first picture is of Ken & Pene DeMore, people who became very dear to us but Ken got sick about a week before the end of the cruise and he died 2 nights before we docked in Los Angeles. It just brought home to us even more the thought that we all are at a vulnerable age and we had better do what makes us happy now because we just never know when our time will be up.

Ken & Pene DeMore

Ken & Carolyn Kimpton from Park Sierra

Mary & Dave Fountain from Park Sierra

Pierre Favre & Barb Morris from Park Sierra

Tom & Rocki Blair from Park Sierra

Duane & Dorothy McCarthy from Houston, on leg 1 with us.

Charlie & Marla, from Galveston, on leg 1 with us.

Diane & David Wilson

Patrick & Daryl McGrath from Illinois

Martin & Roger, our "adopted sons"

Elaine & Dwight Crelia

Eelko & Bernd from Germany, on Formal night

Ed & Janet Lubick from Canada

George, Madelyn, Joe, Carla, Mary & Elaine on Formal Night

Dale & Gail on Formal Night

Mary & Elaine with Dale and Dwight on Formal Night

Valentine’s Day dinner at Portofino’s

Besides the great people on the ship, there were also special events. Here are a few pictures of two of those.
Decorations at the Poolside Buffet on Valentine’s Day

Poolside Buffet on Valentine’s Day

Bon Voyage Parade on the Mariner of the Seas

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