Monday, February 23, 2009

2/23/09 Just a quick update until I have time to do a better job and post some pictures from the cruise. That might happen in a few days. We have returned to our RV at Park Sierra and are in the process of getting prepared to leave here tomorrow afternoon. It has been difficult to pack the storage bays because it has been raining pretty steadily for the past 2 days. Hopefully, tomorrow will be dry. After a visit with my granddaughter, Paige, in Merced, we will proceed to Sacramento where we have some business to take care of. Two of our rental houses are in that area.
The real bummer is that after managing to avoid getting sick on the "plague ship" we were on, I have now picked up a cold. Hopefully, it won't get worse, because I am still functioning. And hopefully, Elaine won't get it. We spent Thursday with Elaine's son in San Diego, after he picked us up at the ship, and although he was fine then, he is very sick with this cold now. Perhaps I got it from him....
As usual, our Park Sierra friends have given us a very warm "welcome home". Last night Curt and Viv had us over for dinner and tonight Jeanne Taylor fixed us a great meal. At this rate we will never drop the 5 pounds we each gained on the ship.
One of the best parts of the cruise was meeting so many new friends, and we have already had some nice e-mails from them. We will keep in touch and perhaps be able to cruise with some of them again. There were also 4 other Park Sierra couples on the ship with us and we enjoyed having time with them too, as well as with some of our other friends who were along. All in all, a good time was had by all.


Laura said...

Hello Mary and Elaine,
I miss you so much. Glad you are safe and sound. Sorry you are not feeling well.
Gordon and I are on the road and loving it. We are in North Ranch right now.
Miss you take care, Laura

Jerry and Nancy said...

Can only say Wow and thanks! for the great descriptive blog posts of your cruise. We are waiting to see the photos of all the scenery, ornate buildings and sculptures and the wonderful groups of people you have provided mental pictures of in your writing.
Hope you are better soon.
Nancy and Jerry