Thursday, August 28, 2008

8/27/08 Just got back from Taco Night at the Eagles Club where we had dinner with Ron and Donna Gibson, RoVing Rod friends, and 3 other new friends we have met here on the crabbing dock. So we went out to check our traps and there were 3 keepers. That makes 6 today, which means things are picking up. Tomorrow we are going out in Ron's boat to see if we can get more crab by going out on the river near the mouth where it empties into the ocean. The theory is that since the crabs come from the ocean, we should get them first if our traps are out there!

Last weekend there was an event here in Winchester Bay called Kool Coastal Nights. Hundreds of older restored cars were on display here and they were so awesome! Of course, I was most partial to the 1956 Chevys because that was my first car. Had to get it in 1967 when I was a grad student and I needed a way to get to Palo Alto to the High School where I was student teaching.

This looks just like my first car!!!

Elaine's first car was a 1959 Ford Fairlane but we didn't see any of them here. After the cars had been on display all day Saturday, they "cruised" all around here and I took some pictures which I will post below for your viewing pleasure.
Yes, the weather has improved somewhat and yes, so has the crabbing, on some days. So that means we aren't so crabby!


Gary & Cecile Thompson said...

Ah, 6 fresh crab...wish we were there!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I love those old car shows. My first car was a '56 Ford and with the same color combination as your Chevy. I felt pretty hot driving it in '62.

I'm drooling thinking about your fresh crab! Leave some for us, please.

Mimi said...

Sweet! My first car was a '67 Belaire though I bought it in '78, sure wasn't as pretty as any of those. My second was though. A beautiful '66 royal blue mustang!
Can't wait to hear Elaine won some cash!