Thursday, June 12, 2008

6/12/08 This will be a good news, bad news post. The good news is that last Saturday, we got a new tenant for our Woodland house and after completing a few chores on our rig, we were able to leave Sacramento yesterday morning. The bad news is that we drove up to Magalia to see Dave and LaVerne Markle, friends from the RoVing Rods. Magalia is located right above Paradise and not far from Chico where a brush fire started yesterday, called the Humboldt fire. It has now burned over 8000 acres and spread to Paradise, and we are trapped here. There is only one open road to leave here and it is packed with the people who have HAD to vacate their homes - the rest of us have been told to stay put. So we are glued to the TV watching the news and hoping that soon there will be some real progress fighting this fire. One of the biggest problems was the winds yesterday and today but they died down this afternoon and hopefully, it will be calm tomorrow. In the meantime, we are having a good visit with Dave and LaVerne, eating too much, and also feeling sympathy for the all the other people in our country who are having problems - the people in the mid-west where floods and tornadoes are causing devastation.


Jerry and Nancy said...

Wow! Sure hope you guys stay away from the fire and get to go on down the road soon. We are still here in the Midwest rain, growing gills. Thinking of you, Nancy andJerry

Laurie, Odel, and Luna said...

Oh, man! I just finished a posting on OUR blog that shows a Farmer's Insurance Mobile Claim Center RV that we saw fueling up in Winnemucca, NV - on it's way to the fire area near Chico. Never did it occur to me that you would be trapped there!

I haven't heard any news about the fire today. Sure hope it is coming under control and you can resume your travels soon. And then to read Nancy and Jerry's comment that they are caught in the rains in the midwest - Yikes!

We'll be watching the blog to see how you are doing.

Safe travels,
Laurie and Odel
Writing tonight from Wells, NV, where it is dry and lovely.

Laura said...

Do be careful and say hi to Dave & LaVern for us.


TravelingGrammy said...

I hope by now you're well on your way. We've been watching, too, as Gary has a contract with one of the companies that provide support in disaster areas and has to be ready to go at any minute. Ken and Janice are here for a short visit on the way to Camp Cascadia. I'll let our blogs tell you what we're up to...