Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/27/08 Tonight is our last night at Park Sierra for this visit. Tomorrow we will finish packing and head for Merced to visit my granddaughter, Paige, on our way to Fremont. Tarra, Elaine's daughter, got married while we were in Africa and will be having a reception on Saturday in Fremont, which we will attend. Sunday we will head up to Sacramento to park on the property of SKP friends Ron & Carol Leonard. Using our car, we will head over to Woodland to check on our rental house there. It is due to become vacant on June 20th. Once we see the situation there, we can determine how this re-rental will be handled and assess how long we have to stay in California. It would be nice to be able to head up to Oregon and Washington to join up with the RoVing Rods as soon as possible.
We were hoping to get our RV and car all washed and waxed before repacking them, but with first the very hot weather and then this past week, cold and rainy weather, we have not been successful. I have started editing my pictures from Africa and will try to post a few of them later this week.

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