Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Friends & Family,
This is just an update and not really a travelogue. We just wanted to tell you that we arrived safely in Capetown several days ago and our first tour is over. Our friends, Ann Howell and David Brown have picked us up and we are staying with them for about a week at their rented house about 40 kms outside of Capetown. They have been wonderful hosts for the past 2 days as we have been driving all over the beautiful areas of the winelands and coast of False Bay. The first day we did some wine tasting at La Motte which has some very nice wines, and then had a world class lunch at the best restaurant in Franschhoek. We finished off the day by having drinks at sunset at Moyo, an African bar and restaurant at Spier Winery. Yesterday we drove along the coast to Hermanus, an old fishing village and because the weather has been sunny and warm, had fabulous views and a delicious lunch along the water. Today we are going to another area for more exploring. Capetown and its surrounds are incredibly beautiful and we are here at a perfect time of year.
So you can see that I don't have time right now to describe the adventures we had on the second half of the tour. That will happen in a day or 2 when David & Ann have a social obligation and I can get back to this computer again. We are both well and hoping that all is going fine for all of you too.
Love, Mary & Elaine


Anonymous said...

it sound you are having a great time we are benson for 2 weeks and are heaede north monday

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Sounds like a lot of wine and good food!

Laura said...

Wow what a trip, I hope your not tripped out I want take a trip with you in the future.

Can you believe it was 97 degrees in San Francisco and can you believe I am in Idaho. We are doing a memorial/fundraiser next weekend. So far very successful lots of vendors helping us.

Call when you can I would love to say hi.
ps Gordon is in SF