Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thought I had better post an update to let you know about Elaine's recovery. She healed rapidly and on Wednesday her sutures were removed. Her cut is now almost totally healed and because her black eyes went away, she looks much better. Considering that it was a rather horrendous gash, all has turned out OK in a very short time. I will post a picture of her as soon as I can so you can see that she is her cute self again.
We have been using the time here to have doctor appointments, clean out our rig, start packing for our trip, and catching up on paperwork and tax prep. Additionally, we are having some social times with friends. Tonight Viv & Curt Rogers and Ann & Art Aiken are coming over for a spaghetti dinner and then we will all play pegs and jokers over at the clubhouse. More news and pictures in a few days.

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Jerry said...

Glad to read all is well... Jer of Nancy and Jerry