Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/10/07 Another rainy Sunday here at Lake Kachess!! It is getting tiresome and we are hoping for warmer weather soon. Since we have been having rain off and on for the last 8 days, we have had very few campers, which has been kind of nice as we can then get a few backlogged tasks done. Last Tuesday we went in to Cle Elum on our day off, which is a decently sized town about 25 miles east of here. We wanted to arrange for a Radio Shack guy to come out to help us get hooked up to satellite TV using a remote dish, since all the trees here prevent reception using our roof-mounted Motosat. He can't come until this Wednesday. Cle Elum is a nice little town and we enjoyed being there. We had lunch at the Mexican restaurant called El Caporal and it was delicious. We also hung out at the coffee place in the Radio Shack store because they have great flavored coffees and fast wireless internet.
Tomorrow we are driving to Lake Chelan to stay overnight with our friends Jim and Diane Fisher-Baker. They were the ones who worked here 3 summers in a row and they hooked us up for this job. Now they have bought a small place at Lake Chelan for the summers, but will still be RVing the rest of the time. We are anxious to see them and discuss things about the job! Also, it is usually warmer and drier there so we are hoping for better weather. Next weekend should be very busy here as we are already getting lots of reserved sites for Father's Day.
I've got to go because tonight we are having a staff potluck at the A-frame cabin we can use. Movie night will follow. It beats sitting in the cold and rainy evening here by ourselves.


Laurie, Odel, and Luna said...

I have really enjoyed your stories from Lake Kachess. Odel and I visited Jim and Diane when they hosted there last summer, so I can picture everything you are talking about - especially the difficulty leveling your rig and the impossibility of tuning a roof-top satellite dish. It is a beautiful spot, though - and we picked bowls of blueberries from our on-site bushes last year. Yum.

Enjoy, and we'll keep reading.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Gorgeous place! So . . .do the bears EAT the Bear Grass? I ask because the flowers don't LOOK like bears! We've had rain this last week in Cascadia too. Today is the first real sunny day and it's been nice to get some stuff done outside for a change.

John & Cathy Robnik said...

I know the rain can get pretty tiresome in the PNW, but I just look at it this way- that is why the area is do darn green and beautiful :)
We are cruising down the Ohio turnpike this afternoon on our way to Maryland. Take care and enjoy your job

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