Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5/23/07 Haven't had time to write anything here since returning to the USA because we have been so busy fixing up our vacant rental in Santa Clara. Hooray, we got it back, cleaned it up and re-rented it all within one week! Now we are on our way north because we have to be at our summer campground host job by tomorrow, so we can get ready to start work on Friday. Since that is the start of the Memorial Day weekend, and the campground is likely to be packed, this should be quite a "trial by fire" right off the bat.
Currently we are parked in the driveway of Lee & Susie Blattner's son's house in Vancouver, WA. We have been here 2 nights and have been enjoying visiting with Lee & Susie since they are parked here too. Troy & Janelle have allowed us to use their FAX and other infrastructure to complete some business and now we are ready to leave this morning for Lake Kachess. We should be there by mid-afternoon. Remember, we will be here all summer and are hoping that we will have lots of you people visiting us. Contact us ahead of time so we can save you a spot on our loop.
I have finally downloaded a few pictures from our trip and will put a few on this blog so you can have some idea of our activities. The first picture is of our table of friends on the cruise ship. Maddie & George, Joe & Carla, Mike & Marilyn, Elaine and I all managed to EAT our way across the Atlantic!! If we hadn't been walking 5-6 miles a day and working out in the gym on the ship, we would have been gigantic by the time the 13 day cruise ended. The second picture is Mary, Jerry & Lori (Elaine’s nephew & his wife) with Don Quixote in Seville. The next picture is Mary and Elaine with one of the 22 baby goats that we saw when we visited our friends Tom & Pat Bryant on their farm near Canyonville, OR on our way up here. They provided us with a delicious dinner and we had a great time reconnecting with them again. The last picture is of their farm, taken from the patio of their lovely home.
I would love to write more at this time, and especially tell you about a few of the incidents that happened on our trip back, but I don’t have time right now. More later.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

Sorry we missed you! You guys are amazing, getting your place cleaned up and rented out in a week's time! We'll be heading up to Cascadia a week from today. Hope to see you maybe sometime in early September!? Let's keep in touch. Great to see Pat and Tom's place, and that baby goat is precious.