Saturday, December 09, 2006

12/9/06 Sorry about the long delay in posting. We have been working on the vacant rental house in San Jose. Having just finished it today, we have now returned to Park Sierra in our RV and are sitting here with the rain pounding down on our roof. It is good to be back here where we can rest a little because working on a house gets harder every time! Luckily Tarra will be handling the re-renting of it, which should take place on the 15th.
The plan is for us to have a few medical appointments this next week and then start heading south the week after that. We would love to be with our Boomer friends on Sidewinder Road near Yuma before Christmas. On the way there, we will be swinging by San Diego to see Darran. We bought the used truck that our neighbors here, Alan & Carol Rodely, were selling and used it while working on the rental. Next we will drive it down for Darran to use, since he is going to sell his car.
The house that we were working on is the very first house that Elaine and I, and the kids, ever lived in together in 1979! I will attach a picture of it for those of you who would like to see it.

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