Sunday, June 25, 2006

I was not aware that our last travelogue, which we sent when we got back to California, had not been added to this blog, so I just did that and you can find it below this message.
Currently we are in Woodland, CA where we have a vacant rental house which is badly in need of some TLC, so we are providing that. Just imagine our surprise when we finally got over jet-lag enough to check our accounts and learned that this tenant had not been paying the rent, and when we called him, he had moved! So we packed up our RV in quite a hurry and drove here to assess the situation. The place was in better shape than we thought it might be. But since he was in here for 15 years, it needs paint inside and out and there is a massive amount of yardwork to do, mainly cutting back trees and shrubs. Thursday we went out and bought 55 gallons of paint, and almost everyday we hit WalMart or Home Depot or Orchard Supply for parts and supplies. Our usual routine is to do yardwork in the mornings, while it is still cool, and then work in the air conditioned house after that. It has been over 100 degrees every day that we have been here, with 108 predicted for tomorrow. Our goal is to have this place re-rented by August 1. This is somewhat of a bummer because we had been planning to visit Mickey & Karen Bennett and Pat & Linda Jenkins up in Williams Lake, BC this summer, including visits with friends and family on the way.
If you are going to be in the Sacramento/Woodland area, give us a call on our cell phone so we can get together: 928-581-3624.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Bummer for you guys . . .but, does this mean that you may be joining us in Winchester Bay after all?

Geeze, the weather sure isn't on your side either! Glad there's air conditioning. I guess the plus side of the weather is that the paint will dry fast!

Hang in there, dear friends!

Padraic & Willie said...

I will be in the bay area after mid July.