Saturday, February 04, 2006

2/4/06 This post is from Parker, AZ where we are attending another Boomer gathering. This time it is the Off-Road 425 race, which is a yearly event here. There are about 200 cars and trucks competing in various categories for some big money prizes. They run a course through the desert that is about 130 miles long and people like our group, who want to see it, can camp right along the washes where they have laid out the course. The race started at 7:30 AM and will end sometime this evening, thankfully, since it creates a lot of dust and noise. Our hosts had a nice polish sausage & kraut lunch for everyone today too.
We mainly came here to have some more time with our friends for socializing and doing crafts (Elaine). For a good look at some of the crafts that these clever gals can create, look at the picture of our friend, Marilyn, below, wearing a gorgeous necklace that she made. She has spent several days helping Elaine, as have many of the other ladies in this group. It is like an old fashioned quiliting bee when they all gather and do their crafts and talk.
Our time at Quartzsite was VERY BUSY since many of our friends from several groups we like to socialize with were all in the area at the same time. Thank goodness so many of our good friends we wanted to see camped with us at Boomerville, so we had some short but sweet visits. The RoVing Rods had a BBQ rib feed plus potluck out at Dale & Della's lot at Rainbow Acres, and it was great to see everyone again. We enjoyed many events with the Boomers, one of which was the "talent -no talent show" where there was a cute skit and also some of the guys participated in the Geraldine contest. You can admire their colorful outfits in the picture below. There was a delicious potluck with the Stonewall BOF and Rainbow RVers, where we made some new friends and had a good time with Al & Donna Ellis. Then we had an e-mail from Kirk Bowles, who was on our Panama trip with us in 2004, and who has been selling times shares down in Puerto Penasco ever since. He was going to be passing through, so we contacted Bruce & Maria, also from the group, and we all met at a restaurant for lunch and enough time to catch-up on each others doings since the trip. Kirk's new girlfriend was with him, so we got to meet her too.
There were lots of RV vendors in Quartzsite and we spent two days looking for a new RV but didn't find anything that was 100% acceptable. It was fun to look and going with our friends Mike and Marilyn was a good idea because they pointed out features we never had noticed. Actually, our favorite rig, after all this looking, was the one Mike and Marilyn lived in!!
On January 28 Elaine celebrated the 20th anniversary of her 39th birthday. Last year we had a huge party for her so this year she asked me to keep it quiet. We had a delicious meal and a convivial time with Ken & Janice Ryder and Gary & Cecile Thompson - all friends from Park Sierra.
Up next on our schedule is the WinterBlast, which is the presentation of some spectacular fireworks. It will be held in Lake Havasu City between Feb. 16 & 19. Of course, more of our RV friends will be there and a good time will be had by all.

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