Saturday, November 26, 2005

11/26/05 Today is a windy day yet warm day on the desert. Elaine has gone into Yuma with Laura and Gordon to do some garage sale shopping while I catch up on the internet chores. We spent Thanksgiving with the RoVing Rods at Mittrey Lake on the north side of Yuma. ( See pictures below.) It was a very enjoyable time with good friends, some new acquaintances, and lots of delicious food. We even managed TWO walks on Thanksgiving Day just to walk off some of it!
Yesterday we moved to the west side of Yuma, off Sidewinder Road, and joined the Boomer group. There are about 10 rigs here and once again, a very amiable gang of people. Today we will be having a potluck, although with this wind, perhaps it will be a short gathering. We will be here for a few more days and we have a good cell phone signal, which equals being able to get onto the internet for all your welcome messages....

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KT said...


Sounds like your having a good time. The other night we had Lou & Judy over for crab enchiladas. The recipe came from the crab cook book you gave us and it was great! Thanks again.

You are with the RR at Mittrey Lake and didn't give a fish report. What's up with that - no fish?

Everything is fine @ POS - Christmas tree timming tonight, Janice is heading up the Tea & Boutique, & the Cooky exchange so it's a busy time.

Keep having fun!

Miss Ya